Dear Republicans,

Thank you.

No, really, I mean it. Oh, you didn’t think you’d find any gratitude from me?  I can see why. I can’t say I like you, or that I don’t think you’re pure evil. I mean you do support everything greedy, and shortsighted, and destructive in the world while simultaneously being against nearly everything good.  Sure, you prefer cutting off food and education and safety programs for poor children so you can give millionaires a tax break.  Sure, you claim to be moral while espousing that the poor and unfortunate should just die or go bankrupt  so you don’t have to contribute portions of a cent to their healthcare.  Yes, you’ve been mercilessly choking the life out of the middle class since Reagan.  But I’m going to let that all go for a minute to pay credit where credit is due.

Why?  Let me explain. You’ve been engaged in a cold war against women for years.  You’ve been banning rare, health and life saving procedures; putting up road blocks left and right to abortions; withholding funding for them; and fighting anything that might make our lives easier.  It’s been terrible, but subtle.  They’ve been attacks on the under represented: the poor, the young, the old; little attacks that chip but don’t break a system that women rely on.  It’s allowed a whole lot of people to go on believing that they are safe from you.  It allows people to ask activists like myself, why do you care so much… abortion is still legal.  Quietly, you’ve been taking advantage of people too burdened with unemployment or rising costs of living to notice all the damage you’re doing.

But in January you opened fire.  Redefine rape?  Legalizing abortion-doctor-murder? Let women die in hospitals? De-funding Planned Parenthood, the organization low and middle-income women across the nation rely on for cancer screenings and birth control?!  I would be scared if I thought there was any chance in hell that it would pass the Senate, or Obama’s veto, but I don’t think it can.  Because it’s crazy. Stupid crazy.  It’s grandstanding and it’s wasting our time and money.

And I say bring it on.  Wear your crazy on your sleeve.  Give women like Jackie Speier a chance to talk about her necessary “partial birth abortion.”  Take those seats you won because of jobs and use them to make yourselves look like the monsters you are.  What’s next? What wacky woman-hating legislation can you conjure up? Mandatory fetus naming laws?  Scarlet letters? Public stonings? Public broadcasts of miscarriages?

You don’t scare me.  But I think, and I hope, that women are about to scare you. They aren’t going to sit there and get shit on anymore.  Our lives and our health are just as important as your own.

So thank you.  Thank you for finally being honest about your true feelings.  Thank you for finally taking off this mask of “concern.” Thank you for finally opening fire.  I can’t wait to see the retaliation.

P.S. Do something! Donate. Sign. Call.

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